Friends of the Phonograph enjoy all phonograph related popular culture connections.

This gallery is slightly different from the rest of Phonographia.com since it focuses on the Society of FOTP itself, i.e., Friends of the Phonograph who as a group celebrate the phonograph and recorded sound.

Some activities of Friends of the Phonograph are just for fun like celebrating the Birthday of Edison's Phonograph or celebrating Phonographia Red Letter Days.

Sharing personal phonograph memories, listening to recorded sound, going to phonograph museums, making top-five lists of records and album covers, using the Phonographia Calendar and Phonographia Dictionary, and purusing other resources related to the phonograph are some of the ways FOTP remember the phonograph.

Friends of the Phonograph have a refrain that sounds like a broken record but is Clear as a Bell: "The phonograph is a revolution still turning...The phonograph is a revolution still turning...."


Memories of the Phonograph by Friends of the Phonograph


Phonograph Museums - Phonographs on Display

Phonograph Related Resources - Societies, Libraries, Archives, Discographies, Recordings


FOTP Celebrations, Lists and Reference Material





The Phonograph

Began a revolution of sound

Created the "Best seat in the house. Forever"

Is a revolution still turning.




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